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Basket Swap

Suppose that after the Apostles collected the 12 baskets of bread and fish left over from the "feeding of the 5000," they combined all the scraps and began to sort out the food in order to distribute it to the needy. They started with one big basket marked "loaves & fishes" and began separating the food into two other large baskets, one marked "loaves" and the other marked "fishes." Before they could finish, Jesus beckoned them to move on with Him to the next town, so they left you in charge of sorting out the remainder. When you arrive at the baskets, a Roman soldier confronts you and states that he has switched the labels on the baskets so that all three are marked incorrectly and that he will only allow you to pick one piece of food from one basket in order to correct his mischief. If you fail to re-label the three baskets properly, he will take all the food and give it to his fellow soldiers, but if you correctly solve the puzzle, he will let you go about your business. Not being able to distinguish fish from bread down in the big, dark baskets, which basket should you draw from and how will you label the baskets correctly?

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